RFID (MIFARE) controlled door lock with web interface

This project was borne more out of desire than necesity: A desire to do something useful with my raspberry Pi!
When the old fashioned mechanical code lock broke at work, the oportunity arose to build a better (pr at least
more inetresting) version. 

This project used a MOFARE RFID reader to reasd the unencrypted UID from a persons access card of choice. This is 
then used the valifdate their entry when they swipe their card. Whilst not the most secure, it is adequate for my needs, 
and means I can easily use any type of mifare card - be it travel card, building card, or other...

The Raspberry Piu itself houses a small database to store user information, and also hosts a web front end to 
manage users and log access. The Pi currently uses wifi, since that was easier in my location. 

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