Principal Systems Engineer
                        One Big Circle
			Working as a principal systems engineer at OBC, I am responsible for significant areas of project design, delivery, and operational mainte, with responsibilities ranging from logistics to soldering to softwae to design to testing 
Principal Engineer
			Costain Integrated Transport Technology Systems
			Working as a principal engineer within Costain’s technology hub, I am responsible for providing subject-matter-expert advice on both existing systems, as well as new solutions – with involvement at all stages from bid, to design, to delivery. 
			I also work as a Systems Engineer on major projects, and have the flexibility to provide short-notice support to colleagues in various roles as and when required by the business
Feb 2013
			Promoted to principal development 
			engineer within the Technology Delivery 
			Group, Transport for London
July-September 2012
Seconded to Olympic CCTV
			24 hour engineer cover required for CCTV over Olympic period, 
			seconded from development to maintenance team
2010 - 2013
Senior Development Engineer with Transport for London
			Specified replacement digital CCTV system for TfL, then followed 
			through implementation and deliver 

			Also wrote frontend software to ease system maintenance, including 
			parsing of audit logs and bul user and camera addition/deletions

			Frontend relied mainly on PHP/Jacascript, with some Python, and 
			integration with postgreSQL and MySQL databases
2009 - 2010
Development Engineer with Transport for London
September 2006 - 2010
Graduate Electronic Engineer with Transport for London
June 2004 - September 2004
Student Consultant working for Lloyds Register Rail
			working on railway signalling as well as making use of PHP and ASP